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  1. “I taught in District 65 at the time of desegregation. We were proud of our developing abilities to discuss and listen to issues together. The Martin Luther King Lab School was formed at Foster School as a collaboration between the Black and white parents.”

    Judy Baumann

    These statements sound nice – but they run counter to the facts and data regarding Black student performance. Have Black families ever been satisfied regarding Black student performance in District 65? No. Never.

    We are witnessing a dissatisfaction by many powerful white families that Black students are finally being prioritized at District 65. Some people have real problems about that. Some people have real issues with Black administrators caring about Black families. People don’t want to explore the roots of that discomfort.

    We don’t like to discuss such things in Evanston, or many places in America for that matter. Can’t we all just get along? No, we can’t and we won’t as long as these inequities exist.

    There are many good people here in our community that want to explore the roots of that discomfort. But, it will never happen without some education and honesty about how we arrived at this place.

    I salute the District 65 Board President, Board, Superintendent and administration for confronting these issues head on. They deserve our support and admiration for turning their attention to “the least of these.”

    This former teacher speaks about a reality and perspective that is foreign in many Black Evanston households. Evanston has as much racism as anywhere else – maybe even more than some places. But this open wishful nostalgia in letters to the Roundtable affirms the problem that the Board and administration are attempting to address. This letter is written with a comfort with decades of Black student underperformance in District 65.

    I have also believed that real change will occur in every school district in America when the best and most skilled teachers are instructing the most underperformed students. Something tells me that is a bridge too far for most white parents.

  2. The light is out in the Lighthouse of District 65. Shocking. Oh for the good leadership of Dr. Hill, Dr. Schumacher, Annette Grubman, Barb Hiller, JoAnn Wilkin, Dolores Holmes and more. We integrated Evanston with our parents and students. Now I guess teachers should wear whistles when trouble happens. We need a new light in the Lighthouse. Clean house.

  3. Thank you for speaking up about your concerns. I have the impression that dissent from community members is not welcomed by the current board and administration and increasingly those hired to lead the district do not have a knowledge of the community, the existing curriculum, the physical plants, the needs of the students and their families and they don’t do their homework before making changes.

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