There is so much that is disturbing in your impressively researched April 15 article “‘Concerns have been ignored, dismissed, minimized’: Inside the year at Haven,’” but there is one revelation that is truly shocking:

“The RoundTable filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the Evanston Police Department and District 65 to obtain any documents or incident reports regarding the February fight involving Dorsey and the March fight that sent Lim to the hospital.

“In response to both filings, the district told the RoundTable that ‘there were no records responsive to your request,’ but the RoundTable did obtain a police report from Feb. 24, the day of the fight in Dorsey’s classroom.”

District 65 has no records of these incidents? But the Evanston Police Department does? Either: (1) District 65 is lying about this because it doesn’t want to reveal the records, (2) there used to be records but aren’t anymore, or (3) no records were ever created. I don’t know which of these three scenarios is the most troubling. But one thing is clear: It is the District 65 Board’s duty to expose the truth and direct an overhaul of procedures in an attempt to recover at least some of the confidence of the stakeholders that has been lost.

Jonathan Baum

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  1. Good letter. The administration, from the top of the district down, is mighty suspect here, in my view.

  2. You couldn’t be more “on spot.” It is exhausting to have an increasingly divided society wherein people in positions of influence and or power conceal information that usually ends up revealing mal behavior. Thank you for you investigation and opening the door at least a crack.

  3. Trying to enforce discipline in middle school is like trying to hold back a waterfall. You have to start in kindergarten but will the parents cooperate. Everyone wants the District to do something about those “other kids” but they are often ready to file suit if a teacher tries to restrain their kindergartener who is throwing a punch.