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  1. I’m with Linda Gartz — please don’t let your dogs pee on our garden! It’s on our private property (the house side of the sidewalk) and we’ve invested money, sweat and even tears in establishing and maintaining it. I’ve seen people let their enormous dogs trample all over our garden and then let them pee on whatever plant they want. (If I catch you I *will* lecture you about that!) When we walk our dog we always keep her on the parkway side of the sidewalk so she pees and poops only on parkway grass, and if there are nice plants on the parkway we steer her toward grass. We also carry a small handle bag to put the filled poop bags in and we dispose of them at home. We respect your lawn and garden, please respect ours. Thanks, neighbors!

  2. Wow! This answer is really off the mark. There are parkways, which are public property and a polite, respectful dog owner would move his/her dog to the parkway (where there are plenty of other dogs’ urine to sniff and pee on, and just a few feet away).
    Dog urine may be sterile, but it damages lawns (that we as property owners pay to seed, fertilize, mow, and otherwise maintain.) I’m always shocked by the disrespect of dog-owners who let their untrained (most) dogs pull on their extending leashes and go wherever. I also have roses, and a nice garden in front with a polite sign “No potty breaks, please.” I spend money and effort to make my front lawn and garden attractive for myself and passersby. I’m not “misguided” nor a “twit” nor a ”
    Grinch” (you lower yourself and reduce your advice to name-calling??) to ask dog-owners to keep their dogs on the parkway, public property, and off my private property. Most of my friends agree with me. I guess someone who admits to peeing on other people’s lawns is pretty low (there’s an alley around the corner if you’re that desperate. And why would that be? I wonder!).