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  1. The complaints about the weather really about people feeling emotionally dysregulated. They need a hug, holding or something else. Someone to look them in the eyes, and calm them because they are ringing like the Liberty Bell in Philly. Even after the Bell stops ringing it’s still shaking, much like an emotionally dysregulated human being or maybe somebody who just wants the oxytocin release of human connection. Plain and simple, we’re all five years old inside and if we’re upset about something else it’s just easier to talk about the weather or the traffic. Boom. Problem solved. I think Lucy from the peanuts was charging 5 cents for advice or whatever, I think this advice is much better and with the inflation and interest rates being up or have to add many more zeros after a decimal point. Sure beats talking to the wall or bouncing a tennis ball against the garage door right? That is if you get, Mel Brooks”y”, Lavid David, George Carlin, Danny DeVito, homespun good advice humor. It just looks you dead in the eyes and tells you like it is.

  2. Another great story Lester.

    And the truth is I forgot that my mother used to say that but she sure did. I think that was her way to sidestep any complaining or any conversation about food falling to the floor, dirt, or anything in that vein.

    I think that your writing and knowing that people read what you write is one way that you connect with people and feel gratified the same way others might feel about kibitzing and complaining about the weather.

    By the way even though I get your point, I’m mostly with Ronna.

    Hey Ma, hope you’re doing OK wherever you are. You were always there for me.

  3. Ronna is right, of course, but I am also a weather complainer, and I loved this column. Stay tuned, because I hear that spring will be here next week!