2 replies on “State Rep. Robyn Gabel declares that the fight for reproductive freedom continues”

  1. Are there any right wing extremist elected officials drafting legislation to restrict abortion in Illinois? If so, Ms. Gabel should specifically call out these right wing extremists who want to restrict abortion and specify how they desire to restrict abortion. Further, why should Ms. Gabel be concerned about (for example) the people of Mississippi when her job is to represent the people of IL-18? The people of Mississippi have no jurisdiction over the abortion laws in Illinois.
    Ms. Gabel’s overheated rhetoric adds nothing to the concept of civil discourse when she calls those who disagree with her “extremists”–especially in a community that near 90% votes faithfully for her.
    Ms. Gabel can do better.
    All this purported ruling did was push this issue to the states. Illinois is a very pro-abortion state and that isn’t going to change. Rather than inflame the community, Ms.. Gabel should have reassured the community and avoid the trope of “right wing extremists”.

  2. Human intimacy is not just about baby making. At a time now more than ever, people need human connection and the result of what people do privately should not necessarily mean that they they have offspring. Quite honestly, what people do privately and their choices are there business and not something that a government really should be legislating about one’s body. Really, it is like Mrs Kravitz on Bewitched who is the nosy neighbor, and people who don’t like what others are doing in their private lives need to myob. Lack of human connection is a mental health issue, as well as making someone have a baby that they for whatever reason can’t or don’t want to have.

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