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  1. I second. And, with all city meetings and pretty much meetings everywhere I cite “Robert’s Rules”. All in favor say aye. And then, ” snap him up” for our city. We need this fish for our town. Pick up the paper and hire the guy. Send out his legal HR paperwork today. Let’s make it official that he is an official of the City of Evanston running this whole thing. The City of Evanston needs Snapper to get more dapper and more done… The only way, the ” menschy ” way. Let’s be prudent, expedient and not do more jaw jacking or mental gymnastics. Words into action!

  2. I disagree. Evanston has lots of able advocates; what we need is a good MANAGER.

    Fourier spoke deliberately and clearly, had real things to talk about, and seemed very principled. He is very in tune with your times, but also balanced, mature and pragmatic. He would make a better City Manager.
    Poche was a fast talker, used all the “right” words and phrases, but was difficult to understand. He is less mature. He has less experience with actual management.
    Both candidates are outstanding in their own ways but the City needs a calm, open-minded MANAGER at the helm.

  3. Evanston would be getting on the right track if City Council chooses Mr. Sanpper Poche for City Manager. Mr Poche has extensive background on solving challenges a. – The Community Alliance for a Better Government is on target -We need a city manager who respects and believes that Evanston residents/taxpayers deserve a greater vision for problem solving that goes beyond the same old process of hiring consultants and build our way out of problems. Mr. Poche is a global and collaborative leader who has demonstrated in past work history an ability to bring people together to solve local problems. Let’s go for the best and choose Snapper Poche. Please fill out the survey so the council can get feedback on the two candidates

    I encourgage everyone to look into both candidates, we don’t need to bring Ann Arbors issues to Evanston . We just finished investigations and scandals let’s go for clean slate.