A white-throated sparrow and a downy woodpecker made an appearance at the North Shore Channel this weekend. Mike Roche photographed both birds near the 17th and 18th holes of the Canal Shores Golf Course, a location “ideal for spotting small birds,” he wrote to the RoundTable.

An Evanston kindergartener wishes for peace in Ukraine.

Credit: Camille Blachowicz

Weekend scenery from Lovelace Park.

This month some community members are participating in “No-Mow May,” a green initiative that asks residents to set aside their lawnmowers and let grass and flowers grow naturally, creating a habitat in which birds, bees and butterflies can thrive. 

Here are some photos of local lawns and native plants that residents taking part in the movement shared with the RoundTable.

The Evanston Farmers’ Market returned this weekend for its 48th season. 

Opening day May 7 brought crowds to 1800 Maple Ave., where dozens of vendors sold a variety of products including locally grown fruit, flowers, herbs, cheese and baked goods.

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