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  1. Thanks as in the past to you Les! You have always flown the flas as have I and Berkin Altinok, chief completist.
    Take a look at 40000 Headmen who often do a Traffic cover set at Martyrs in Chicago.

  2. Loved the ” juicy words”, rich description in this article. Sounds like you have studied music as well as possibly music theory. When I’ve read music critics or art critics before I haven’t heard this kind of rich use of description with insider, but yet accessible language for lay people, those who are non-creative or consider themselves to be so ( most people are by the way, they just become grown ups and forget how to play. Boo). Would love to see you put out more articles in this vein. Here is the chicago-based B3 guy. I love Hammond organ Chicago Soul jazz. Chris is one of my favorites and this is from one of the heavy weights funerals, Jimmy McGriff ( his favorite musician of all times) from a few years back . Yeah, he’s for hire in Chicago. Usually plays with my buddy Henry Johnson on guitar and Greg Rockingham on drums. News & Brews?

  3. Les, that was a very nice tribute you gave to Steve Winwood in celebration of his 74th birthday. I have always been a big Traffic fan myself and, of course, Steve was the mastermind of the group. While Traffic got the critical acclaim they deserved, they seemed to find themselves unjustly in the second tier of British Rock talent in popularity. My fave Traffic album is “When the Eagle Flies.”

  4. I plan to listen to all tracks linked in this article over the weekend – and wanted to add my memory of first exposure to Steve Winwood. When I was a theater undergrad in the late 80s, there was a cassette tape of “Arc of a Diver” in the drafting studio. We played that album often while working late on assignments. Perfect tunes to provide a mellow focus.