Good news, Evanston dog lovers! Ten local restaurant patios have been approved for doggie dining this year, and more permits are in the works, according to Ellyn Golden, Evanston’s Environmental Health Licensing Coordinator. Sometimes sharing a meal or beverage with your four-legged friend can be even more enjoyable than indulging with the two-legged variety. To help you choose your perfect companion and ideal setting, we’re providing a list of canine dining pros and cons to consider, as well as a directory of dog friendly establishments. Stay tuned for additions.

Walk your dogs over to these Evanston restaurants that will serve canines as well as their companions. Credit: Richard Cahan

Canine pros

  1. Lets you pick the restaurant. Duh.
  2. Always encourages you to order the loaded tots.
  3. Carefully avoids trigger words like Keto, Paleo or Mediterranean while in a dining environment.
  4. Does not drone on about the impact of the Cub’s 2021 trade deadline selloff or try to engage you in any type of GOAT debate.
  5. Always insists you finish the wine in the bottle, which you and he both know contains only two and a half, not five, glasses.
  6. Is somewhat interested in discussing the details of the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial.
  7. Never asks if you’ve gone to Orange Theory this week.

Canine cons

  1. Unable to operate the Evanston parking app due to a near total absence of thumbs. (It’s more fun to walk anyway!)
  2. Almost never offers to pick up the check, although he will lick it a little if you drop a blob of mayonnaise on it.
  3. Flirts shamelessly with the wait staff, occasionally even accepting belly rubs as if you’re not even there.
  4. Cannot split the molten lava cake with you due to a severe chocolate allergy. (Could go pro or con here.)

Dog-friendly establishments

  • Beer on Central, 1930 Central St.
  • Bluestone, 1932 Central St.
  • Evanston Pour, 528 Dempster St.
  • Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Ave.
  • The Graduate, 1625 Hinman Ave.
  • Newport Coffee House, 622 Davis St.
  • Shinsen, 1322 Chicago Ave.
  • Siam Paragon, 503 Main St.
  • Stacked & Folded Social House, 824 Noyes St.
  • Trattoria D.O.C., 706 Main St.

Nancy McLaughlin

Nancy McLaughlin is an Evanston-based freelance writer who has a fascination for the everyday events that shape our community in extraordinary ways. She covers human interest stories for the RoundTable.

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  1. What accommodations will be made for those of us who are afraid of animals, don’t care to have them around them while eating or, more importantly perhaps, are allergic? I will be avoiding the restaurants on this list.

  2. I hope we get list of restaurants that do not allow dogs on patio too. Not everyone wants to sit w dogs at the next table.

  3. Such a great idea.Now if I could take my dog into Walgreens on Chicago St. Live would be easier.

  4. Thanks for your “pup update”. As the inspiration for this ordinance variance, I will be lobbying others to “get on board.” The more, the merrier!
    I will only frequent those who participate because my dog and I are a team!

  5. I think this article is confusing, not funny and offensive! I have a severe dog allergy and also I don’t want to hang out with dogs when I go out to eat. So thanks for the list of places I will be AVOIDING