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  1. Oh, my gosh! He can’t have died! Not our Bill-of-constant-motion.
    I worked with him at Allstate, “graduated” when he did from there, and remember him fondly.

    He was famous for the mirrored walls, white carpet, and five phones in his apartment (during land line days), and his treatise on the wisdom of renting over owning. He distributed his tome on skin care widely, and put out a companion piece on perfumes. Didn’t he wear French cuffs and cufflinks, which he fingered now and then to ensure they were right side up? And once when he welcomed a new female employee to his unit, he stole the flowers from the desks of two or three of us for her!

    No, the reports of Billy’s death are BS. He’ll be in our hearts and memories forever.

  2. Once again , Les,you write to the point with compassion and understanding and great description . Thank you. I got to know your Billy through this eulogy.Sincerely, Constance Porteous