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  1. Ouch, this is a bad take. I personally like this persons contribution to public space! We should be celebrating when people add some quirky color to our boring bland electric boxes

  2. I like the “stay as you are” pictures, but the ender graffiti, not so much. You can get rid of graffiti by calling 311 and
    giving the city the location of it. The city will send a crew to clean it off.
    Why not create more art projects legitimately showcasing Evanston artists’ works in more places?
    Could some of those projects showcase youth artists, or use an artist in residence to involve young people in something that represents Evanston values. I see we have some around already.

  3. I respectfully disagree. I have found Ender’s work to be uplifting and affirming (“Stay as you are”) and the graphics to be humorous and welcoming. I submit we need more public art, not less, and Ender had earned a place in our community. I agree that City staff’s time would be better spent on other things, but that’s a matter of misguided priorities on the part of City management.

    1. Thanks for chiming in. I find it baffling that you’d defend the photo the Roundtable added to the letter. Not exactly “art”, “affirming”, “humorous” or “welcoming” in my opinion. Would you care to explain how orange-on-brown “Ender” is any of those four things?

  4. What is the Ender graffiti? I haven’t heard of this. If no pictures, perhaps a description would help. Addresses, maybe?

    1. Dear Gay, Thank you for your note. I have updated the post with a picture of one of the “Ender” tags. And I have done my best to explain what we know about the word Ender. I welcome any help or comments from others. Again, thank you. Susy Schultz, editor.

  5. Yes!~ Agree!! I cannot wait until this little piece of cowpucky is caught and fined. I know, first world problems, but seriously, we are all sick of you and can’t wait to see you pay the price for slopping up our neighborhood.

  6. I enjoy the art, especially the ones in my neighborhood with positive messages including “Happy Pride Month” and “You Are Cared For.”

    Also, Roundtable – you’ve got the wrong Ender’s work accompanying this letter. You’ve written about The Guy Who Cares at least twice in the past. You might want to check your archives.

    1. Thank you, Mara.
      You are so right, I was so wrong. It was my mistake from lack of institutional and city knowledge. But I am grateful for your note and your help. My thanks, Susy Schultz
      PS The British art is gone.

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