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  1. Thank you Nancy. Short of voting I struggle with how we as a society can live up to our motto -E Pluribus Unum, “out of many, one.” What practical actions can we take to counter the ideology at the far ends of the political spectrum to live up to this ideal? I struggle with this.

  2. I am, as many others, very concerned and upset about the endemic racism, escalating gun violence, and increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, all of which plague the U.S. However, it is the country of my birth, 81 years ago, and a country to which my father immigrated 100 years ago, a place where he found opportunities that were available to him in few other countries at that time. Both my father and I served in the U.S. armed forces. I refuse to let right-wing racists and zenophobes coopt the flag. It belongs to me as much as to them. I will continue to fly it for the ideals it should stand for, and I will fight, as best I can, for those ideals.

  3. Nancy E. Anderson’s post rings true to me. I love being an American but I worry that our democracy has become so fragile. The right wing conservatives seemingly are usurping rights and our ideals and it all seems so sad.

  4. I agree and suspect that you are also speaking for many others.

    Especially I’m appreciating the direction given: “to chain yourself to an oar,” because once done, a certain commitment has been heard so you will find yourself in a boat of like minded folks, who when working together, can transform “ troubled waters” into “ sky blue waters.”