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  1. Welcome home, Savanna and family. Thanks for your poignant letter. It’s not perfect here as the last few days that have unfolded may suggest, yet your decision to return to Illinois and Evanston to raise your daughters offers promise for all of us. We know by your brave decision and letter that you are no stranger to the work of upholding rights to legal abortion. We have a governor in Illinois who respects the rights of women to make their own decisions about their bodies and pledges to uphold that right. We will continue to keep Illinois a safe haven for those needing medical care to end an unplanned pregnancy. Raising daughters should be the same across every state but we know that the laws of the land like Roe v Wade, have been tampered with by a politicized and not so Supreme Court. Who’d ever have guessed we’d need to be worrying about back alley abortions in our daughters’ lifetimes? Thought we’d be on to bigger issues like banning guns!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and for your courage in leaving Texas behind to come back home. I have two very smart, capable adult nieces in Austin and I hope someday they also say goodbye to Texas and find a state (like Illinois!) that trusts them to make decisions about their own health care. Isn’t it a frustrating and exhausting time to be an American woman?

  3. Thank you for making this lament public, for putting words to what so many of us are feeling. Welcome back to Evanston, we as a community are fortunate to count you and your family as neighbors.

  4. Really hits home—especially after news of the mass shooting in Highland Park. I really feel for the youth who are inheriting this crazy world that we will leave behind for them. Let’s keep fighting.

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and manful letter to your young daughters with this community at large..

    ..and welcome back to Illinois, (and especially Evanston,) where you will be amongst kindred souls and people of good will….

    ..suspecting that it was difficult to leave TX, because it desperately needs people of your good will and consciousness.

  6. This is a powerful piece written from the heart. I worry for the world I will leave behind for my children and grandchildren. Thank you for writing this.

  7. I wouldn’t stay there either, and my heart breaks for all the women who lack the resources to get out. I have a granddaughter coming this fall and I’m deeply worried about her future here, something I never thought I would have to say. Raise your girls to be tough. They’ll need to be.