2 replies on “Mayor Daniel Biss: Reflecting over the past two weeks ”

  1. I had an interesting conversation w a friend last night about this message from our mayor. While I usually agree with him on most subjects, in this message, he seemed only to be asking us for outrage, but gave us no specific directions/suggestions for actions we can take now to reduce these incidents of gun violence. Donating to or joining organizations fighting gun violence, calling our legislators to support current legislation to ban automatic weapons, which I believe might be pending in the IL legislature, specific tasks we can undertake to DO something seems to me much more worthwhile than simply admonishing us for not being outraged enough.

    1. I found it interesting/irritating that he also didn’t come out with this statement until after someone made a comment that although he’d made a statement of outrage immediately following the mass shooting in Highland Park, he still hadn’t commented on either of the recent Evanston shootings. Because this came out right after that comment, I felt he was responding only because he’d been called out for not doing so — more political than heartfelt.

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