2 replies on “Letter to the editor: Thank you, city staff”

  1. I agree with your letter thanking City staff. When I attend events or see City staff working around town, I thank them for their service.

    What can residents do in the long term? Before voting, consider how Council members treat staff during their meetings and how their votes impact staff. All members who don’t respect the professionals hired to do the hard work should not be re-elected.

    I believe a professional should manage the City while following policy set by an elected Council. A strong mayor form of government has too many opportunities for abuse of power.

    1. I believe the same way about all of our community members and I appreciate your time and effort as well much respect for our future endeavors….I pray for all let’s get back as a good community and help all people try to work to help us..your good people…peace we believe in you …it is wonderful to know that we can do this together as a citizen of our state..

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