4 replies on “Staffing shortages lead to police officer reassignments, service reductions”

  1. I am one of many of neighbors not happy with the decision made by the Evanston Police Department to re assign Officer Adam Howard and other community policing officer out of the 5th Ward community. It may be a temporary change I hope will not be tolerated if it becomes a reality going forward. Coupled with community policing system’s attention, organized block club organizations, CM Bobby Burns monthly 5 th Ward meetings and more helps to stabilize our community. I don’t want it to change…

  2. It’s short-sighted to eliminate or reduce community policing. Officer Howard in the 5th Ward is an example of an “Officer Friendly” who will give a hug as well as a firm warning for disobeying laws and disturbing the peace. We only read about crimes in the media but policing involves more than arresting people who are criminal suspects. There are programs for youth, listed on the EPD web site.
    If they would be affected due to lack of resources, the City should put out a call to recruit more applicants for the vacated positions.

  3. This situation regarding insufficient police staffing has been a problem for quite awhile now. So the question I have is this – how did we get we get to this point and what is the city council doing to address the situation? This is getting serious.

  4. Is this the moment people realize that less police/ budget translates into less services and support available for you? These changes made are simply status quo for other police departments. Evanston had more going on for itself than other cities and now as staffing issues persist they’re needing to -put aside some bells and whistles to focus on core mission.

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