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  1. Congratulations, Sarah! I hope the grant writing does not wain in your absence, and continues strongly, as the tax burden on Evanstonians is at an all time high, only to be outdone the next year, as it increases each year.
    Think about reducing costs, and reducing tax burdens, build opportunities by creating a more sustainable business tax base, besides restaurants.
    Why should we have to choose between fixing our broken furnace or pay Evanston enormous taxes ?? Evanston-only millionaires apply? to subsidized poor, to be able to live in Evanston?
    “Inclusion” should not burden everyone, it should be a volunteered cash collection with stringent rules.
    You know, every tax dollar comes from someones pocket, it is not free.
    You know-Higher wages mean higher costs for consumers, inflation, while a wage increase is the only method the government taxing body gets a raise, as the tax is a percentage of income.
    Why else would a city manager of 75,000 people need a $250,000 paycheck?
    Also, I hope overcrowding Evanston by building more towers, NOT a continued plan to pay for the city council excessive, greedy, tax dollar appetite.
    Building Towers are not green, are they…they take away a charming building ( waste); they need energy and materials to build (waste); they house a mass of extra cars (waste). They need excessive: water (waste); heat(waste); A/C(waste); pumps for air movers (waste); waste movers(waste); water movers (waste) Why so many towers? Because the city council needs more money?? Because the city council needs more money?? Because the city council needs more money??
    This is NOT green.

    What Evanston has needed for decades – truly needs – are trained tutors for children 0-10 and their parents, and monthly well being check ups. Eliminate dope. Why are we promoting “stoners?”
    More manufacturing jobs. Yes! Greenhouses for food, not dope. Such a concept?!
    Add, more healthy greens and veggies to kids diet, and playgrounds with interactive games, math, reading and words. Build a strong body and mind. Inclusion should not mean exclusion.
    Be the creative, as I know you are, excel at finding and inspiring people. Keep using the money from those millions of grants; for those were set up for the purpose of not burdening the tax base. Create work environs run by entrepreneurs, who are the risk takers, for those to live, and hone their skills, in Freedom to what they find pleasing. And, to live from the burden of a bulging taxing body.
    Again, congrats!