What’s Evanston’s best drive-in that’s not a drive-in? Bill’s Drive-In, an Evanston institution on Asbury Avenue, hasn’t been serving cars for decades. But when you crave a burger or hot dog, the staff at Bill’s will take care of you. Credit: Joerg Metzner

One reply on “Picturing Evanston”

  1. Wohl getan (well done), as usual, Joerg. Having nearly exhausted my rusty German, I recall passing Bill’s often when we lived nearby. Now situated far across Evanston, I am intrigued to see the formerly plain side wall bearing a bright mural. The slight vignetting (shading) of the corners of the picture could be a tech artifact of a very-wide lens, but it reminds me of a trend (or fad?) among some 1930s and 1970s-90s photogs. Making black & white prints by hand, they dodged the center to shade the corners, trying to increase visual emphasis on the main subject by muting distractions.

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