Question: How many candidates does it take to fill City Council member Peter Braithwaite’s shoes in the Second Ward?

Peter Braithwaite, 2nd ward Council member, steps down after a decade plus of service Credit: Robert Seidenberg

Answer: Nine. That’s how many are asking Mayor Daniel Biss to consider them for the spot that has been vacant since Braithwaite resigned on July 15.

  • Keith Banks
  • Darlene Cannon
  • Matthew Farrauto
  • Patricia Gregory
  • Kristian Harris
  • Blanca Lule
  • Mindy Scott
  • Anya Tanyavutti
  • Jesus Vega

Originally, twelve people filed applications for the position between July 15 and Aug. 12, but these are the nine that emerged as viable, according to Mayor Daniel Biss.

The mayor will appoint a candidate from the applicant pool pending a confirmation vote by a majority of sitting council members. The newly appointed member will then serve Braithwaite’s term through spring 2023, when both the Second and Ninth Ward council members will run in special elections for the remaining two years of their terms.

The candidates forum is in person and virtual at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 6 in the City Council Chambers on the second floor of the Morton Civic Center. Community members may attend this event in person or via Zoom. The forum will also be recorded and available on the City’s YouTube channel and replayed on Channel 16. City’s YouTube channel and on Channel 16

To submit a question or find the passwords to join via Zoom, go to the city’s website.

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3 replies on “Forum for 2nd Ward candidates is Sept. 6”

  1. Anya Tanyavutti is running for this office? Is she going to step down from the District 65 School Board if she wins?

    1. Hi Tom, RoundTable reporter here! If Ms. Tanyavutti accepted the appointment to the 2nd Ward, she would automatically resign from her position on the D65 Board of Education, as the two offices are incompatible in Illinois law.

      The resignation would actually be out of her hands, as filling a second incompatible office is considered ipso facto (“by the fact itself”) the same action as resigning from the first.

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