A knothole view of the razing of the old Vogue Fabrics building. “A lot of people have come up to say they are going to miss this place,” says Luis Velazquez of Bridges Excavating. Demolition of the two-story building on 718 Main St. at Sherman Avenue should take another few weeks, he said. The new Vogue Apartments, a five-story, 120-unit building, is expected to open in September 2023. It will include stores on the first floor. (Photo by Richard Cahan)

Richard Cahan takes photos for the Evanston RoundTable. He also is publisher of CityFiles Press, a small but mighty media company that believes in the power of words and pictures. You can reach him at...

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  1. Going there was like going back in time and for a guy who only wanted some material to cover the surface of a massage table that he built, the women behind the counter graciously would put down their scissors and measuring tape to show him what turned out to be a beautiful burgundy red covering that lasted for many years!

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