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  1. I’m an even more vintage guy who had his vintage Schwinn 10-speed (of which I used one) stolen at NU although locked with a cable, and I got a used vintage Sears step-through (a girl’s bike, although blue?) which I ride every day. It’s an ideal old guy’s bike.

  2. I am also “vintage” and have a pedal assist ebike, which makes it possible to take bike club rides, with friends, that are longer, faster, and more satisfying than I could otherwise do. This notion that ebikes are somehow “cheating,” or the choice of weaklings is wrongheaded and not helpful! Why not celebrate the fact that they open new doors to folks who might otherwise sit home? Really!!

    1. Hi Barbara….You are right. E-bikes do open the world and I was very close to buying one. But I use my bike for exercise, and I feared I would get less exercise if I bought one. I secretly lust after e-bikes. I rode an e-bike in New York City and virtually glided across the Brooklyn Bridge. I loved it too much! Hope to see you on the streets one day soon.