7 replies on “Simone Larson: My Reluctant Reader”

  1. This is everything!

    Simone, you are a voice to be heard.

    (Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Shmidt…will take you one night).

  2. What a wonderful story! Reading is indeed the key to academic success. How can we convince, persuade, encourage parents of pre-schoolers to prime the pump by reading to their kids?

  3. So glad to see this lovely column! Simone went to school with my son, and I well remember her extremely talented mom, a teacher I admired deeply and was inspired by when I observed her classroom at Dewey School.
    I’m delighted to see that Simone is also a teacher!

  4. I loved this the first time I read this and I love it again! May every RR have teacher who so passionately yearns to introduce them to the wonders and beauties, and yes, the balm for your heartaches you can discover when you read.

  5. Simone is a brilliant writer. Her insight on what that child needed proves what a fantastic teacher she is!

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