In our sixth episode from Season 1, “The Intersection of Medicine and Community,” we get to know Dr. Nancy Glick.

We trace Dr. Glick’s route from a humanities-focused student at ETHS to the director of the Sinai Infectious Disease Center at Mt. Sinai in Chicago Illinois.

Nancy shares her valuable insights on the inner workings of the brutal fight against infectious diseases. We discuss the disparities in treatment for the Black and Latinx communities.

We also discuss biases and judgements and how nobody is free of them.

Family means the world to Nancy and she values the power of the connections that tie each generation to the next by honoring the old adage: What is remembered, lives.

Through it all, Nancy has been a warrior. Join us as we get to know an extraordinary Evanstonian fighting for equity on the front lines.

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One reply on “Nancy Glick: The intersection of medicine and community”

  1. Delightful and beautiful contribution to humanity..bless her and so many others too.

    My only different take on “saying goodby,” is that confines us to our five senses and the limitations of being in the world..

    ..but when one realizes that this world is but the tip of the to knows that it is not necessary and actually better to not conditionally or habitually say goodby, because there really is no separation or disconnect.

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