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Jean Cunningham caught these fuschia Cosmos (aka Cosmos bipinnatus) blooming at Twiggs Gardens.

Credit: Jean Cunningham

Thank you to Leslie Shad for this colorful view of two monarchs visiting the flowers in the newly created native meadow at Lovelace Park. The monarchs are aka Danaus plexippus, which means in Greek, “sleepy transformation,” because they hibernate and, yes, transform.

Credit: Leslie Shad

These two people, aka Homo sapiens, are fishing at Lovelace Park and have an intense admirer in a heron companion. Christina Bueno caught the look of longing from a true fly fisherman. And yes, continuing today’s theme, let us note the heron family is aka Ardeidae.

Credit: Christina Bueno

On Thursday, Sept. 8, after reading of Queen Elizabeth’s death, Lisa Yee walked along the beach near Dempster Street. She didn’t ask, but she thought the flag at half-staff might have been in honor of Her Majesty. The Queen was also known as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, her full name.

Credit: Lisa Yee

On Sunday, RoundTable reporter Duncan Agnew caught these shots at Greenwood Street Beach. This was after the storms, which if they had been thunderstorms would have been known as cumulonimbus.

Credit: Duncan Agnew

And finally, Agnew also caught these surfers who fearlessly came to ride the swells from the Sunday storm at Greenwood Street Beach. And while we know these are people, they are tiny little wave riders from this perspective, so if you use your imagination and squint, they could also seem to be what is also known as Melanitta perspicillata, which are really Surf scoters, aka large sea ducks. But really, they are likely known to one another as “dude,” “bro” or “broski” and might be saying to one another “rad barrels out there.”

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