This episode features Oliver Ruff, who brings to mind three words: consistency, present and commitment.

He has always been exactly the same, whether in friendship, inspiring his many students, or by showing up to affect positive change. Mr. Ruff is a person who cares, is committed and passionate about Evanston and its residents. He grew up in Evanston, taught school and became an administrator in District 65.

Oliver credits his mother with his solid foundation and strong work ethic. Mr. Ruff is a founding member of numerous foundations as well as the eponymous scholarship, Oliver A. Ruff Education and Mentoring Scholarship. We say, there is no equity without action and Mr. Ruff certainly does just that.

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Evanston Rules explores the history and stories of people who have made a difference in our town. Voices of the past, present, and future cross-stitch a tapestry of our community: the opportunities, disparities,...