Early voting for the critical midterm elections has begun – you can vote early at the Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Avenue, every day through Monday, Nov. 7 (exact hours listed here).

You don’t need me to tell you what’s stake in this election, for reproductive rights, for racial justice, for climate action and for democracy itself. So please make sure you vote – whether early, on Election Day or by mail.

Evanston Mayor Daniel Biss is supporting ranked choice voting in his personal capacity, not in his official role representing the city.

Ordinarily, I don’t make especially complicated recommendations for November elections – just vote for the Democrats! But this year I do have one request: Would you please join me in supporting Evanston’s ranked choice voting referendum?

As our democracy is under increasingly alarming threat across the country, ranked choice voting (RCV) offers us the opportunity to enact an electoral reform right here in Evanston to make our own system more representative of the community’s views.

RCV is an electoral reform that has been adopted in progressive cities across the nation, and it’s working to boost voter turnout and diversify the ranks of elected officeholders. In Evanston, it would also eliminate low-turnout primaries and thus ensure that more voices are heard in our elections.

RCV is a system that allows voters to rank candidates, rather than choosing just one. It ensures that the winner of the election is the candidate best able to represent the broadest swath of the community. Enacting RCV will be a boon to voters, to potential candidates, and to our whole community.

I hope you’ll consider voting yes on the RCV referendum. Please visit RCV for Evanston for more information.

Daniel Biss
(Mayor of Evanston)

DISCLAIMER: The City Council voted to put this referendum on the ballot to put the question in the hands of Evanston voters. The City of Evanston does not take a position on this issue. Therefore, I am writing you to make this request in my personal capacity as an individual exercising First Amendment speech rights, not in any official capacity affiliated with the City of Evanston.

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