Evanston Rules talks to Larry Axelrood, a man whose thoughtfulness and love of his hometown shine through on our trip down memory lane.

Larry is the guy everyone wants on their team and side. He’s an advocate and humanist whose ability to see from other people’s point of view, provided him the insight needed to be a fair and compassionate judge. Join us as we talk about Evanston, equity, love, lifelong friendships, showing up, gratitude and a life well-lived.

Larry is a retired Circuit Court Judge, a senior mediator and arbitrator and the author of three novels: The Advocate, Plea Bargain and Death Eligible.

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Evanston Rules explores the history and stories of people who have made a difference in our town. Voices of the past, present, and future cross-stitch a tapestry of our community: the opportunities, disparities,...

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