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  1. I am all for supporting our downtown – we use it as much as we can – ditto the Central Street shops and others around Evanston. However, this ask from NW seems too much for me.

    “Minimize the externalities”??? I can only assume Mike does not live close to the stadium. There’s a huge difference on impact on the neighborhood of, say, a holiday market (like what seems to be shown in some of the pictures of the new stadium, where people would come and go at a range of times, so no gridlocking of the nearby roads, and not much of an impact from sound) and a loud, music concert in the stadium (where most people will depart and many will arrive at a similar time).

    We moved here 19 years ago – we like being close to the stadium – it’s generally fun to be part of the university. The disruption from football games is for a very small number of days each year – it’s typically during the day – and is pretty easy to work around. The proposed changes would add massively to the “externalities” through crowding, noise and evening / night disruption. I find it easier to support less impactful community events than to see how NW can host concerts without unreasonable disruption for the stadium’s neighbors.

    It’s also interesting that the council saw fit to close down the series of modest summer concerts at the American Legion at Chandler, with benefits to the Legion and the community far clearer than allowing NW to make yet more money, but apparently massive concerts with presumably 10’s thousands of people are worthy of consideration.

  2. Has anyone considered the Ravinia model? Even for football games. Shuttle folks from the downtown area, but prohibit nonresidential parking in the neighborhood. Makes a lot more sense than the current NU proposal. And Metra offers free rides with a Ravinia concert ticket.

    1. I like Marie’s suggestion. NU has offered shuttle service from downtown garages for games in the past. It would seem this model could be extended for concerts.

      With the condition of city finances, it feels irresponsible to walk away from a projected additional $48 million benefit in five years. Plus, I like the idea of spending my entertainment dollars in Evanston. Given the popularity of SPACE and the occasional Canal Shores concerts, I am not alone. Sure hope this happens.