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  1. Criminals do not follow laws haven’t you figured that out yet all you’re doing is punishing the law abiding citizens

  2. A well regulated militia being necessary for a free and secure state, the right of the people to bear and keep arms shall not be infringed.
    In recent months we have gone to great lengths to make Illinois residents less safe. With the advent of the SafeT act and other soft on crime legislation, our lawmakers have shown us they care more for criminals then they do for law abiding citizens. Now they don’t even want Illinois residents to be able to protect themselves from the same criminals we refuse to incarcerate.
    This act will make certain magazines illegal immediately. There is no consideration for those of us who already own such magazines. If turn my 13 and 17 round magazines in to the authorities, I am out several hundred dollars. If the State of Illinois demands I surrender property that I legally purchased, they should compensate me accordingly
    This so called Protect Illinois Communities Act will do nothing to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, as they will not follow the law anyways. The only people people who will be affected are responsible gun owners who will respect law and order
    Shame on all of us in Illinois when this travesty passes.
    Let Freedom Ring.

  3. Looks like Sara’s Bill of Rights goes from 1 to 3. Her copy is missing the second amendment!
    Another salient point: fourteen people weren’t gunned down by a weapon. They were shot by a person WITH a weapon. Until you tackle the causes of criminal behavior, like broken families, a negligent public education system, and lack of enforcement of laws across the board, crime will continue.
    England banned guns and now they have mass knifings. Now they can’t have knives anymore and you need ID to purchase silverware.

    After every terrorist attack we’re told not to blame all Muslims for the acts of one bad person. And this is very true and fair. So why should a hundred million legal gun owners suffer because you have a problem with one bad person? The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

    1. Your commentary about England is false. I lived in London for 12 years and moved to Evanston a few months ago. There are not regular “mass knifings.” In fact, the rate of stabbing in the UK is about half of that in the US. The overall murder rate in the UK is practically non existent compared to the US. And it is entirely possible to easily purchase a knife. Do you know why? Because knives have an actual, non-harmful purpose.

      If having more guns made us safer, the US would be the safest country in the world. We are far from that. And it’s because guns have one purpose. To kill. It’s the guns. It’s always the guns.

      And let’s not get started on the second amendment, which you may have forgotten begins with, “A well regulated militia…”

  4. I am opposed to this bill as written. As a former Chicago Police Supervisor I think it will do more harm than good. All retired police officers whose former duty weapons hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition will become felons overnight if they don’t dispose of their standard capacity magazines. I estimate that about a million law abiding and gun owning Illinoisans will also be affected by this draconian bill as written and many will choose to all disobey the law. Only the criminal element will benefit from this bill as they don’t follow any of the other laws, like murder, robbery, burglary, hate crimes, etcetera. Then there is the whole aspect of registering previously legal firearms with the overburdened state police. Speaking as a Jew I’m not to keen on government registrations that can lead to round ups later. I do thank the original writer for the link to filing witness slips – I filed mine as an opponent.

    1. Jeffrey Sacks is wrong in his comment. HB5855 is not retroactive. Guns already owned are not affected. This bill bans the sale and ownership of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines from the bill’s passage moving forward. Please do not believe misinformation. Passing this bill will save lives, both from the mass shootings that get all the attention and by addressing community gun violence, gun trafficking, and more.

      1. Hell no! The bill amounts to harassment and discrimination against gun owners. This is a civil liberties issue.

      2. Actually he’s not wrong. Most handguns accept magazines with more than ten rounds. Most carried by law enforcement officers hold between 15-17 rounds depending on caliber and model. The bill as written even prohibits off duty officers from carrying a firearm with more than 10 rounds. It only gives an exemption if they are going to or from work. This means an officer can’t carry their department issued firearm off-duty without violating the law. This makes zero sense, what does magazine capacity have to do with safety?