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  1. I was deeply moved by this essay, resonating as it does with some of my own beliefs these days. Might he want to host some discussions of these and related topics?

  2. Charlie, I am in awe of your expertise in writing about the most difficult, most important, and the most transforming subject that we humans can engage in. This summary is so candid and so clear, and really so simple that it stifles my urge to comment. It should not be commented on. It should be printed out on a card like Merton’s famous contemplation prayer (“Lord, I know not where I am going……”), which my group uses to begin our sit meditations. Your article should be unrolled, like the Hebrew scriptures of old and read, one or two paragraphs at a time, until we reach the end, and then the roll begins again. Amen.
    Sal Umana

  3. “Religion complicates: Spirituality simplifies.”

    What a beautiful interview on his search for existence, which to me sounds like it..this existence an all encompassing and breathable love and not of the kind of love that one would find on a Hallmark greeting card..

    ..all of which in his search for Truth is reflected in the responses to the interviews questions.