Late in 2021, RoundTable photographer Richard Cahan devised a bold plan: His idea was to explore the city in one photograph a day: portraits, landscapes, images that are unique, moments that are universal.

He called the feature At This Time, and it began with a photo of swimmer Michelle Milne at Lee Street Beach taken at 7:02 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 6, 2021.

Following that first photograph, Cahan posted 295 images, often uploading six photos a week. He marked the close of the yearlong series with an essay late last month. The final At This Time photo was posted Dec. 31, but we wanted to give readers a chance to see all the pictures in one place.

Below we’ve compiled every At This Time image, in order of the date pictures posted online. Due to technical limitations we’ve had to split up the collection so that each gallery contains no more than 100 photos.

You can, of course, simply enjoy the visuals – but we encourage you to click on the photos that catch your attention and read Cahan’s accompanying words.

As he put it, “The nugget of each story beneath each photograph is as important as the picture itself. If done right, the words and pictures work together, and my photos become a collaboration between me and you.”

We hope you enjoy flipping through Evanston’s photo album, in three digital volumes.

Photos from Dec. 6, 2021, through April 14, 2022:

Photos from April 23 (Cahan took a well-deserved spring break) through Aug. 27, 2022: