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  1. I live 2 blocks south of the stadium and am also heavily invested in a business on Central Street. Many of my neighbors on Ashland, Colfax and Lincoln are excited for the rebuild as are many businesses on Central Street. We’ve all lived in a peaceful coexistence with NU for years; I don’t expect that to change because they
    are good neighbors! That said, I wonder why you’ve only included the 6th& 7th Wards in your letter? Are you aware of the positive impact this will bring to our neighbors in the 5th Ward and beyond? Have you attended any meetings and listened to minority residents opinions and concerns? I would guess not. From an equity viewpoint, this letter is really offensive to me!

    1. Thank you Kelly speaking up and sharing the excitement that many of us feel about this new arena proposal.

  2. I absolutely do not believe the poll from NU. When last year’s Dillo Day was announced the City of Evanston had to bring in additional private security and medic services. This was challenging for our already understaffed police department, to say the least. Dillo Day, as reported in the Roundtable on May 18 2002, draws about 12,000 people. What NU wants to do in their proposal is bring in substantially more than 12,000 people for events apparently scheduled at night with people driving here from the surrounding communities, drinking, then driving home at night! Please – Just Say No!

  3. Here’s an idea for NU. Hang onto Ryan Field for a few years, don’t invest another dime, then move Chicago’s Big Ten team to Soldier Field after the Bears leave. The Sixth and Seventh ward residents will be quite happy. No traffic. No people. Plenty of parking for dinner parties. Many inform us that Central Street businesses complain about game day traffic, so apparently they won’t mind. Since you allegedly pay a pittance from events, pay that pittance to Chicago. Run a shuttle service from the campus and various places from Evanston to Soldier Field. According to “the experts,” we aren’t going to patronize local restaurants anyway. And, you won’t place demand on Evanston’s services because you won’t be here. You get to play in a place that doesn’t embarrass the school when the huge new fans bases come in from USC and UCLA in a few years. Chicago (your other hometown) gets to show itself and earn extra revenue from visitors it doesn’t have to support. The Ryan Field neighbors get peace and quiet. Lots and lots of quiet.
    Yes, you leave a hulking monstrosity deteriorating on Central Street, but it seems many like it that way.
    Give the people what they want. Chicago’s Big Ten team.

  4. Rob, yes we need to slow this process down and make sure city residents understand the true impact. Your letter is a perfect example of the misinformation Northwestern is spreading. Northwestern has said they will never pay us money in lieu of taxes. Their PAID canvassers are lying to residents. In fact the money Evanston may make is tax revenue from ticket sales and alcohol. There are so many costs to consider and parking and mega crowds will pose a problem we do not yet understand. NU’S impact report is also a lie. How do we know? They are keeping their assumptions secret.
    Yes, if we’re going to sell the 7th ward to NU’S Corporate non-profit machine then make sure it’s about many, many, millions, not just loud concerts.

    1. Dear Sonia,

      Do you have proof of the Northwestern lies you assert? I suspect not. The vicious claims you make are disrespectful of your Evanston neighbors who support the new arena, as well as, disrespectful of Northwestern. Where is the evidence that the “paid canvassers” are lying? What lies are they telling? You have a moral responsibility to get the facts right and not misrepresent what motivates your opposition, as well as, what motivates those many Evanstonians who want this arena built and properly permitted to succeed.