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  1. This is called modernized redlining! We’ve heard many excuses as to why there’s so much affordable housing in the 5th ward from zoning issues, to land availability and affordability.
    we all know that the reason it is more cost-efficient to build in the fifth ward, and the reason there are available plots stems from a history of the city neglecting the ward and predatory lending practices. It’s not just by dumb luck it’s cheaper and easier to build these projects in the fifth, it’s by design. This ward has been overlooked for way too long, enough is enough! If you can change the fifth ward’s zoning with a simple vote, you can change it everywhere else!
    10% of affordable housing in other wards in mixed buildings what a joke that does not compare to the now 33-unit building they are putting on the corner of church and Darrow, so let’s stop playing games and put more affordable housing everywhere not only In the brown and black communities, and I’m not talking about 10% I’m talking about a whole building! HODC owns a building on 319 Dempster st they had 288 calls to the police in 2 years if this was any other private landlord their property would have been a nuisance property, so why isn’t 319 Dempster st a nuisance property? Evanston needs to evaluate its business deals with HODC as HODC does not have a track record to serve any community here! And we as residents need to stop electing officials with ties to HODC!

  2. You have written so much of what the neighbors near the proposed, now 33 unit affordable housing building have been stating for the past month. Although I feel like our words are falling on deaf ears. Council members were bored at best at the last meeting deciding on this matter. We also want to know how a mega Church is going to benefit the community if it has not DONE anything but bring it’s less than 20 parishioners out to get air on hot days because they can’t repair their ac . Oh yeah but now they will have millions in funds to build this amazing, iconic building. And council is ok with it? They want the project out of their hands, they are bored with our voices echoing the countless issues( isn’t this what Democracy is? Power to the people and all? It’s not the majority though, only the people that know how to find loop holes). HODC created an LLC, which alderman Burns states it’s a good thing because they taxes. Ha! Because it is not their practice to reduce those to negligible amounts by finding exempts. I bet you that in comparison my single family home will pay less than they will for their 33 unit $23 million property. Which by the way, now that they reduced the building size, will they reduce the money they will be asking for?
    I have to also make public that following my speeches on the meetings I have received violation notices for things that up until now have been overlooked and not been an issue. ( having a parked car in my driveway that we seldom move, it’s our back up since we own old vehicles, and putting a dresser out in the front as a Free to take furniture a practice we see throughout Evanston all the time). I am sure I will receive yet another violation notice after the March 27th.
    Coincidence? I feel targeted.