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  1. To Milo and the E-Town Sunrise leadership team,
    The power of this letter is not only projecting the voice of the next generation of decision-makers, but your fully researched and responsible perspective. That’s even more critical now that an interim superintendent will be in place shortly and the school board elections are over. I hope they are paying close attention. The design and construction of the school will reflect our intention as a community to honor 5th Ward students, staff and families by creating the best possible environment for learning and growing. I am so grateful for your continuing leadership on this issue and so many others. Thank you.

  2. I really appreciate the thought and commitment to the future by E-Town Sunrise. They know they’ll never attend the 5th Ward school – they want us adults to plant trees for the next generation to sit under, as the saying (loosely) goes. I am personally horrified at the idea that children would be required to play on artificial turf, with all that is known about the toxins. The young people, not my generation, will be living with the consequences of the decisions we make today. We must have the foresight, respect, and integrity to listen to them.

  3. Milo, thank you and everyone else from the Sunrise Hub who worked on this letter! It’s so critical that kids grow up with surroundings that prioritize physical & mental health, effective education, and community with nature. We’re continuing to push on this issue, and hope the Evanston community will join us in fighting for justice embodied in a healthy, sustainable school in the 5th Ward.

  4. Milo, well said. Will anyone with power listen? Will the children and youth populations be the ones that make our society build healthier & safer schools, reduce the guns sold and used in America, return laws protecting women’s rights, telling the real history of Native and Black People in America and coming down hard on those whose racist actions affect Asia & people who choose to live their lives different from them.