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  1. Mr. Figora, either you know something we don’t know–but have every right to know–or you’ve drunk too much purple Kool-Aid, when you talk about working through “the final stages of approval with the city.” You’re not even at stage one! And what will you do if you reach the “final stages” of DISAPPROVAL? Meanwhile, there are many Evanston residents who are the final stages of becoming thoroughly disgusted by NU’s brazen snow job to shove a “transformational” project down our throats.

  2. Neither the stadium project nor the zoning changes that Northwestern has demanded (which would create havoc in the surrounding communities) have been reviewed – much less approved – by the city. More than 1,000 community residents have already signed a petition against Northwestern’s plans. Yet the university announces its ‘construction manager.’ I would be astonished – except that secrecy and entitlement have characterized Northwestern’s approach to this project from the start.

    1. Agreeing with Mr. Rosati. This is a project that has not been approved — and should not be approved. Most residents of this area are against their entire plan.