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  1. I have a conflict with Juan’s meetings. He does not post meeting minutes, but claims to post recordings of his meetings on the City’s YouTube channel. These recordings are buried amongst numerous city committee meeting recordings and are nearly impossible to find. The city recordings don’t appear to be organized in any fashion. I looked through 9 months of recordings and only found 2 of Juan’s meetings. Regardless, recordings are not the same as minutes and many will find it cumbersome to watch the full recording.

    Juan announced his most recent meeting with only a day’s notice on his Facebook page, which has only 27 followers. I’ve heard the Ward has 8,000 residents. When I suggested it would be hard to find the meeting link in a buried Facebook announcement, he posted it through the city distribution with less than 8 hours notice.

    I don’t find this to be a democratic process. Both Colleen Burris and Cicely Fleming took easy steps to keep residents informed.

    1. May I suggest not relying on Facebook for, well, just about anything, but instead subscribing to the City of Evanston newsletters for the Ninth Ward and the weekly E-News?

      Had you done that you would have known on March 2nd (!) that Council Member Geracaris was holding a virtual ward meeting at the end of the month. You would have received direct links to recaps and video of not only his last Ward 9 meeting but other relevant City meetings.

      Here are the links to all the City newsletters. If you haven’t visited this page lately, you might be surprised how much information is available to deliver to your mailbox, no Google or Facebook needed!