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  1. Quoting from the article – “Finally, it is impossible to discuss Wednesday’s tragedy without addressing the continuing horror of guns, gun violence, and access to guns in our society.”

    Mr. Biss, we got bigger horrors than guns. The victims here were teens with one having an extensive criminal record. I suspect the shooters were teens as well. Time will tell.

    The larger horror – it isn’t guns Mr. Biss – is the continuing and accelerating decline of our cities – including Evanston because parents are failing to raise their children to be moral and helpful citizens. Hold on, I take that back. You have to try in order to fail. Too many parents aren’t even trying to raise their kids anymore. Parenting is a tough job. I know that from experience. It’s also a great job. I know that too. My kids are smart, moral, caring and loving. My wife and I raised them just like our parents raised us.

    The answer to urban crime is obvious and it isn’t guns. Until you hold accountable the people that have given up being parents, until you start imposing swift and meaningful consequences on the children (and parents too), you can take all the guns in the world away and you’ll still have urban crime. Instead of guns, they’ll use knives or bats, they’ll use rocks or their fists.

    In the meantime, I’ll keep my constitutionally protected security device in its little combination safe that’s in the top drawer of my nightstand. You can’t have it.