A cheerful mural is now livening up a corridor at Dewey School. It was unveiled Wednesday by the sixth graders who painted it. 

Lined up in front of the mural after its unveiling Wednesday are (from left) art teacher Carolyn Mattox, Lakschmi Hoff-Sharma, Elena Skeaff, Sadie Skeaff, Marit Skwish, Eliza Wright, Kennedy Liddell, Ava Gass, Sam Bray, artist Anna Soltys and parent liaison Sarah Liddell. Credit: Ellen Galland

Last year, as Dewey fifth-graders, the students decided the mural would be their graduation gift to the school.

Local artist Anna Soltys (a graduate of Evanston public schools) worked with the group on the design. Also helping were District 65 art teacher Carolyn Mattox and Sarah Liddell, parent liaison and mother of Kennedy Liddell.

The student artists worked on the mural throughout this past year when they could find time. 

Asked for comments on the project, artist Sadie Skeaff noted that the mural lacks red because the students did not find the red until they were cleaning up at the end. At the unveiling, Mattox told the artists that current Dewey students seem to love the bilingual mural and that one student wrote an article in the Tiger Times, the Dewey newspaper, about the mural. “The mural really shows how much they loved Dewey. It really is a beautiful mural,” Catalina R. wrote. 

Mattox added that students comment on the mural as they walk by and have asked if they can do another one next year.  As a tribute to the quality of the student work, Mattox said that one student thought that Mattox had painted it.

Ellen Galland

Ellen Galland has had an architectural practice in Evanston since 1983. For more than 20 years, she has written articles for the RoundTable, including the column “Ask An Architect" and "The Green Column"...

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