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  1. Great article! Can I add sirens to your list of unwelcome noise? Especially the private ambulances that go up and down Ridge. Why do we need to hear them from so far away? They are meant to warn traffic they are coming, not to innundate a mile square area! They go on and on forever all day and all night. Why do they need to blast their noise at 2am? Once you start noticing them its pervasive.

  2. This is a very important point – if leaf blowers cause this type of impingement on brain health, imagine being subjected to amplified concerts from the proposed NU stadium. To the author: would you consider helping the stadium neighborhood evaluate the issue?

  3. Yes, noise is a great disruptor, and that is why many in our community are opposed to the city changing the zoning to allow NU to bring professional mega-concerts in the stadium, and a slew of other loud events with an audience in the thousands to occur in the U2 District.
    Bombarding residents with sound, hours on end, is torture.