Yard signs for and against concerts at the new Ryan Field. Credit: Les Jacobson

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  1. How many more of such clear, concise, and cogent letters and arguments against a rezoned NWU concert venue are needed to convince the pom-pom blinded cheerleaders of this profit-driven boondoggle to just rebuild Ryan Field under its current zoning while still being perfectly able to offer Evanston the proposed benefits instead of desperate bribes?

  2. Maybe Northwestern University should resolve the stadium issue after it addresses the sexual assault scandal. Real people were injured. Many were students of color. I would respect them if they fixed that.

  3. I agree with Cook. NU proposing special events/festivals (could this also mean huge high school graduations from all over Cook County?) to help cover the $400 million+ shortfall is a red flag. I believe these types of events will be more problematic for the neighborhood than 6 concerts. In order to move forward, there needs to be a way to prevent these events from being allowed.

  4. Well written David. Thank you. NU only wants what’s good for them. If the cared about the City, all these years, they would have been actively participating and working with the City. Build a new stadium. No concerts.

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve long tended to be generally opposed to proposals which require a change in the zoning ordinance. The entity which has such a project in mind should modify the project to conform to current zoning, or find a location whose zoning is compatible with the project.

  6. Well said!
    Divide and conquer seems to be the NU plan, and some elected and City officials seem to have swallowed the bait.
    Mary Anne Wexler

  7. Oh, wow. Excellent letter, David—you’ve said everything I tried to say in a similar letter!!!! Thank you so much. So true: if NU was really interested in providing all these benefits to our community, it could have been doing so all along. I can’t be the only one who resents that they’re dangling bribes to get what they want. SO arrogant! It’s not Evanston that needs to change its zoning codes, but NU that needs to change its approach. Hope the Land Use Commission reads this—you should make sure they get a copy!!

  8. Thanks for this David. Clarifies the situation considerably. From the first “push poll” phone call I got from NU last year, it’s been clear that this is an operation, not an honest attempt to improve the community.