Since 1998, the Evanston RoundTable published a print edition of the newspaper every other week. More than a decade ago, the RoundTable added a website, Our online archives now contain more than 17,000 articles. The RoundTable has also published 26 magazines.

The paper’s mission has been to find and share stories about the community of Evanston so that we can educate our readers about this remarkable community. This is Evanston, not Lake Woebegone, and some of our stories reflect the persistent challenges faced by an urban-suburban community that is racially, ethnically, and economically diverse. 

We have sought to hold elected and appointed officials accountable at both the City and School Districts. We have argued for early childhood education, affordable housing and social justice in the community. We have maintained our stance that the School Districts must set high expectations for all students and provide a rigorous, high-level education so all of our children are prepared to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

We have provided a free print edition and a free online newspaper so people of all income levels could have access to it. Like hundreds of newspapers throughout the country, though, the RoundTable’s advertising revenues were no longer sufficient to sustain a print edition of the paper. So, as of Nov. 14, we decided to take a hiatus from publishing a print edition of the paper and to focus on our online paper.

In so doing, we will adhere to the same level of journalism that we have had in the past. In the 21 years since its initial publication, the RoundTable has earned a reputation for clear analysis and fair reporting. We intend to keep this reputation and to build upon it.

The RoundTable newspaper and staff members received 17 journalism awards in the “non-daily” category at the annual Northern Illinois Newspaper Association awards ceremony held in DeKalb in October 2019. The RoundTable newspaper and staff members have received an average of 15 journalism awards from the Northern Illinois Newspaper Association each year in the prior 10 years.

RoundTable reporters have also been named as finalists on nine occasions for a Peter Lisagor award from the Chicago Headline Club for in-depth reporting and editorial writing and have won Lisagor awards for “best education reporting” and “best editorials in a community newspaper.” 

The RoundTable has also received many awards from community organizations. We value these awards because they recognize that our writers have addressed a wide range of important issues facing our community in a thoughtful and professional manner. The awards include the Studs Terkel Award, presented by the Community Media Workshop in recognition of “long-standing excellence in reporting about Chicago's diverse communities and encouraging the citizens helping to shape the city's future”; the Annual Donald R. Grubb Award for newspaper publishing excellence, presented by the Journalism Department, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb; the Evanston Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year award for “incisive writing and reporting and in-depth local coverage of major issues impacting the community”; the Community Service Award presented by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Evanston/North Shore Branch, recognizing a “commitment to honest and faithful reporting and true interest in community issues”; a Community Partnership Award presented by Housing Options for the Mentally-Ill in Evanston for “addressing topics of importance to the community, including mental health and social issues”; the Hand in Hand award from the Child Care Network of Evanston for "supporting early child care and education”; and the City of Evanston Environmental Stewardship Award, for covering environmental issues and initiatives.

On the homepage of our online site you will find the headlines and briefs of recent articles. Click on one of the navigation bars for a list of about 20 recent articles by category (i.e., City News, Art & Life, Schools, Sports, Opinions and Guest Essays). Our search features enable our readers to easily search for past articles.

We would still like to maintain a free online site so that everyone has free access to it. But we are asking our readers, if they are able, to provide support to help fund our journalism going forward.