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  • Interim City Manager Affirms Firing of Community Services Manager
    In a message to supporters Dec. 12, and follow up phone interview with the RoundTable, Mr. Brown said that he had received word from Ms. Storlie that his appeal for reinstatement had been denied.
  • Alderman’s Resolution in Support of Brown’s Reinstatement Fails to Move Forward
    With public comments over the City’s firing of Community Services Manager Kevin Brown dominating another Evanston City Council meeting Dec. 9, Ninth Ward Alderman Cicely Fleming called for a resolution showing aldermanic support for the popular employee’s reinstatement.
  • Committee to Reinstate Kevin Brown Demands that the Evanston City Council Reinstate Him
    The Committee to Reinstate Kevin Brown which includes former Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, will join hundreds of Evanston residents at the City of Evanston City Council meeting to demand that the City Council rehire Kevin Brown to the Community Services Manager position and leader of the City's Youth and Young Adult Division on Monday, December 9, 2019 at 6:00 PM at the Lorraine Morton Civic Center.
  • “I am so proud to have voted for and helped pass H.R. 4, the Voting Rights Advancement Act, a critical bill that will finally restore the full strength of the Voting Rights Act and undo the devastating harm caused by the 2013 Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder."
  • Residents Urge Aldermen to Place Controls on Condo Deconversions
    Evanston City Council members declared a moratorium on conversions of rental apartments to condominium ownership when that activity hits its peak during the late 1970s, buying time to put protections in place.
  • Developing a Segregated Town, 1900-1960

    Unlike many suburbs that sought to exclude African Americans altogether, leading members of Evanston’s real estate establishment played a role in the growth of Evanston’s African American community. ... There was a major caveat, though. Mr. Wiese says, “Evanston’s white real estate brokers apparently developed a practice of informal racial zoning. In effect, they treated a section of west Evanston as open to African Americans, while excluding them from the rest of town.”

  • Liquor License Next on Tap for Welsh-Ryan

    Aldermen are following up their approval of a controversial request allowing Northwestern University to hold more special events at Welsh-Ryan Arena with consideration of another proposal that would allow liquor service at that venue too. At the Nov. 25 City Council meeting, aldermen redirected the issue to their Administration & Public Works Committee for further discussion after Alderman Eleanor Revelle, in whose north central Seventh Ward Welsh-Ryan is located, raised some concerns about the proposed ordinance.

  • Evanston Police Graduates its 50th Citizen Police Academy Class
    On Wednesday November 20, the Evanston Police Department Citizen Police Academy graduated its 50 class.  The ceremony was held at Northwestern University’s Hardin Hall through a partnership with the university’s Community and Neighborhood Relations Department.
  • Council Approves City Budget for FY20 With Hikes in Taxes, Fees and Fines

    The budget contains a 10.8% overall increase in the property tax levies. The City’s portion of the property tax bill is about 20%, while the two public school districts combined take up about 68%.

  • City’s Move on Reparations: A Nationwide Ripple Effect?
    Comparing one of the wealthiest census tracts in the City with one of the poorest, Alderman Robin Rue Simmons said there is a disparity of about $46,000 in median income and a lowered life expectancy of 13 years between the two.
  • Ninth Ward Residents Respond to Shooting at Madison and Sherman on Nov. 21
    Ninth Ward residents attended a meeting at Chute Middle School this week to seek clarification about a shooting that left a neighbor with, as one resident said, with the trauma as well as the physical wound of having been shot.
  • EPD Charges Chicago Man with Armed Robbery
    The same man approached the victim a second time a short time later and displayed a knife, and stated "Give me all you got".
  • Kevin Brown’s Appeal Maintains His Actions on Parking Tickets Had Backing of Superiors
    The City’s former Community Services Manager Kevin Brown has filed a formal appeal with the City over his firing Nov. 15 over allegations he allowed staff to incur parking tickets without permission, citing testimony from a former employee that all of the transactions had been signed off by Mr. Brown’s superiors.
  • Council Solidifies Budget in Preparation for Nov. 25 Vote
    One alderman said the City should not be increasing parking fees but should be more creative. "I’m a little bit miffed at it.”
  • Mayor Goes on Offensive at Third Town Hall Meeting
    Held at the Temperance Beer Co. on Dempster Street, the event had a more of a roadhouse atmosphere.
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