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Evanston officials are turning to the public for help after three fatal shootings in four days, including two on the City’s west side Fifth Ward, where the violence has left residents feeling “traumatized,” the ward alderman said, speaking at the July 27 City Council meeting.

Alderman Robin Rue Simmons, 5th,Ward, was among the aldermen sending condolences to the families of the recent shootings.

In Ald. Simmons’s ward, Deashawn Turner, 21, was shot and killed just after midnight on Saturday, July 25 in the 2200 block of Emerson Street.

That shooting was followed by another fatal shooting the next day. Andrew Williams, 29, was shot and killed in the 1900 block of Hartrey Avenue in the middle of the day, Sunday, July 26, just a day before his 30th birthday, in a shooting that may have been retaliatory, police said.

Police are also investigating a fatal shooting last Thursday, July 23, on the other side of the City, in the southeast Eighth Ward. Brian Carrion, a 20-year-old from Glenview, was shot and killed near the Red Line station on the Evanston side of Howard Street, and a 21-year-old Evanston man nearby was wounded.

Speaking at the start of the Council meeting, Ald. Simmons echoed Mayor Stephen Hagerty’s words, that the City, experienced “a pretty terrible weekend.”

“Our prayers are with the families, but my heart is also with the entire community,” Ald. Simmons said.  “We experienced this together. I would imagine there were dozens of gunshots that we heard over this weekend, and we are all traumatized.”

Ald. Simmons has scheduled a virtual meeting for tonight, at 7 p.m., to address the recent violence and hear residents’ concerns.

For more details on the meeting, visit the city website at and under Meetings, click on 5th Ward Meeting-Virtual.

Ald. Simmons said there was “a theme between three of the four homes that were impacted directly by the gun violence,” with seniors being the most affected.

“Our seniors are already vulnerable with COVID, in addition to their age,” she said. “And for our seniors to have to deal with bullets in their home and not able to enjoy their senior years in peace is … awful. I don’t know a word beyond awful.”

She appealed to the “families who are directly involved in this beef or dispute, if you could please consider the seniors and the children – find some place in your heart, find someplace to value your families and yourself and your own life and our community’s future.”

Police believe that at least two of homicides were gang-related, said Police Chief Demitrous Cook, briefing Council members on the incidents.

No arrests have been made to this point, but Chief Cook said the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force (NORTAF) “is being very productive on one of the homicides,” not specifying which one.

In the Fifth Ward, in addition to the homicides, police responded to three shots-fired calls during the spree of violence, the chief said.

He said senior citizens, children and various family members were in a house on the 1700 block of Payne Street when the shooters or would-be killers approached through Twiggs Park and fired their weapons at that location.

Then, several families were asleep in a multi-unit apartment building on the 1900 block of Dodge Avenue, he said, when awakened by the sound of gun fire and multiple rounds of ammunition being fired “through windows, doors and into the living room.”

And then, at 9:15 a.m. on July 25th, the same day, the offenders returned to Payne “and shot up the house again,” the Chief said.

 “So this is serious business,” said the Chief. “And it’s going to take the community to come together.”

“Community policing is about us uniting and sticking together,” he said. “And when we stick together, we can solve homicides, we can drive violence out of our community.

He urged the public to use the Department’s Text-A-Tip to CRIMES (274637) line.

“It’s totally anonymous. We have no way of contacting you back. But the information may be good in pushing us in the direction of closing any of these situations,” he said.