The razing of Robert Crown
Photo by Steve Lemieux-Jordan
The razing of Robert Crown Photo by Steve Lemieux-Jordan

Good morning, Evanston. It’s March 25, the 85th day of the year. The temperature of Lake Michigan yesterday was 41 degrees at the Chicago crib and 42 at the Chicago shore.

This day in history:

  • 1774, The British Parliament passed the Boston Port Act, which closed the Boston port and demanded that Bostonians pay for the tea dumped into the harbor at the Boston Tea Party, on Dec. 16 of the previous year.
  • 1911, The Triangle Shirtwaist fire in New York City killed 146 workers – mostly teenaged women who did not speak English.
  • 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a march in Chicago of 5,000 protestors against the Vietnam War.

The City and the community are pulling together to help us all get through this scary and surreal new phase of Life in Evanston.

The new Robert Crown Library is command center for the Covid-19 Task Force, composed of the Mayor, two aldermen, the Interim City Manager and other City employees, plus representatives from the fire and police departments, Evanston Township High School, School District 65.

Next door, the old Robert Crown Center is subsiding into memory, as deconstruction of the inside and demolition of the have begun. Thanks to photographer, videographer and consummate volunteer Steve Lemieux-Jordan, we have a drone’s-eye view of the progress.

Even though playgrounds are closed, there are still walking and biking trails along the lake and the canal.

Monday’s shortage of free breakfasts and lunches may be resolved soon. Youth ages 1-18 were supposed to be able to pick up five days of breakfasts and lunches on that day, but the supply fell short of the need. More meals will be available today for those who did not receive their food on Monday.

Neighbors are finding ways to communicate with each other without devices but within the parameters of social distancing. There was a singalong from the lawn in one neighborhood; another group formed “six at six” – gathering outside at 6 p.m. within six feet of each other.

The City has organized “an uplifting social media campaign” on the Evanston Parks & Recreation Facebook page. Also on FB, Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre and Piven Theatre Workshop have a series “Stay Creative.” Check out the sidebar to this story for details of each.

Streets in commercial areas are deserted, and many businesses are shuttered or have signs noting temporary closures. People out walking cross the street or hover at the edge of the trail when they see others, but they still wave or smile, though few actually speak.

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