• The Traffic Guy hears ...
    … that the City will purchase a fire engine from Temco Machinery, dba Global Emergency Products of Appleton, Wis., at a cost of $648,000.
  • The Traffic Guy hears ...
    … that the City is refunding about $5,000 in parking ticket fees to many people who received parking tickets on Sheridan Square in the past three years. Readers may recall that the City allowed a supposedly short pilot program banning parking there – near Garden Park and South Boulevard Beach – to continue for three years. The check will serve as an apology.
  • The wind and the rain are both having major effects on fall fishing, but one is a good effect and the other is not. The rain is the bad guy in this scenario. It is raising lake and river levels to very high and dangerous levels. The Fox Chain has been closed to all boats since Sept. 16, and we don’t see it opening anytime in the near future.
  • Birds and Bugs: An Ecological Couple
    It was a busy sunny lunchtime on the back screened porch one late September day. The bees had divided up the flowers: the honeybees were all over the New England asters, while the bumblebees were enjoying nectar from the zigzag goldenrod.
  • The Traffic Guy hears ...
    … arrrgh! that today, Sept. 19, is Talk Like a Pirate Day. This day also ends a string of palindromic dates – from 9/10/19 to 9/19/19. These are the last palindromic dates until the next century.
  • I know I sound like a broken record, but the weather has really impacted our fishing. The sudden temperature rise took water temps up to summer levels again just after the fish had started to move into fall transition patterns. The large rainfalls have swollen all our rivers and made them muddy messes. The rain has also created high water on a number of our area lakes forcing “No Wake” warnings on Lake Geneva, Lake Delavan and high water warnings on the Chain of Lakes.
  • The Traffic Guy hears ...
    … that the City and Northwestern have agreed on terms for a 30-year utility easement on Sheridan Road and in the alley north of Clark east of Chicago. NU will now be able to install a chilled-water piping system. The City will receive $122,000 for this.
  • I’m back from a long-needed trip to the Northwoods of Minnesota that lasted nearly a month. I spent some of the time meeting with real estate agents – but that’s a story for another time.
  • The Traffic Guy hears ...
    … that, speaking of markings, the Lovelace Park tennis courts are back in action, with newly surfaced courts and fresh-painted lines. Pickleball court lines are a welcome addition.
  • The Traffic Guy hears ...
    … that a somewhat new type of Peace Pole is planted on Lincoln Street.
  • I hear from a number of anglers that the hot summer fishing is too tough, so they stay home and don’t give it a chance. Well, they are wrong. Mid-summer fishing is some of the best we have all year, because the fish are easier to find when you know where to look.
  • The Traffic Guy hears ...
    … that the Police Department provided its list of Fourth of July holiday scofflaws, which includes 74 folks cited for seat-belt violations. There were also three citations for  failure to secure child; 27 for cell-phone violations; 27 speeding violations; two citations for driving with a suspended license; 10 for having no insurance and 31 other citations.
  • The Traffic Guy hears ...
    … that again this year, folks were out on Central Street before the legal hour of 6 a.m., staking their claims to a bit of parade-watching turf.
  • Caspian Terns, Beautiful and Bountiful
    A strikingly elegant creature is the Caspian Tern.
  • Several months ago I slipped away from writing about the fishing in our area to talk about a serious situation 650 miles from here in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). A foreign-owned mining company has been seeking leases and permits to mine nickel and copper at the edge of the Boundary Waters for many years.
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