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  • Aug. 6  The important thing is to play, not to obsess.

  • Aug 5   Every time I hear or see a news release about the big money garnered from the sale of recreational marijuana, I think of some of the lyrics from the song by the O'Jays (1973) called “For The Love Of Money.”
  • Aug. 3   In a Zoom meeting with property owners last week, Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi suggested that Evanston’s high property taxes were in part to blame on the Cook County Board of Review granting appeals for reductions to commercial properties in downtown Chicago.
  • Alderman: 'The Work Begins Tonight'
    Aug. 3   Necessary and sustainable changes will not happen at the speed of social media.
  • July 29  Such a shock to turn on the radio and hear: “I’m so afraid of goin’ out, and I’m so tired of stayin’ in…”
  • July 25  President Trump declares, “Open the schools.” Though clearly he overlooks the complexity, opening schools is the right thing to do.

  • Statement from Mayor Stephen Hagerty on ComEd Bribery Scandal
    July 24  Today, Evanston Mayor Stephen Hagerty issued the following statement on ComEd's bribery scandal:
  • Illinois made great strides fighting COVID-19, but it will take sustained effort and discipline to keep the virus under control. Illinois doctors are asking everyone to take two simple actions when in public: always wear a face covering and continue to maintain social distancing.

  • July 22  Confronting racism in our nation’s history and today’s society needs to work much better than it has until now. In its efforts to do so, Evanston has realized, as have other cities that try, that there is no quick fix. 
  • The Traffic Guy hears ...
    The Evanston Transit Alliance, together with Go Evanston and Citizens Greener Evanston, envisions a bike route from the Rogers Park Greenway to the downtown protected bike paths at Church, Davis and Sheridan.
  • July 17 To the victor go the spoils, a phrase we are all familiar with. Simply put, the winner of any contest, struggle or battle, gets all the prizes, rewards, and bonuses associated with the win. But, more importantly, the victor writes the history.
  • July 17  At the July 15 meeting of the Evanston Public Library Board of Trustees, I was disappointed to hear some speakers (mostly older and white) insisting that EPL keep its small branch libraries open on Central Street and at Chicago and Main Street (CAMS).
  • We acknowledged that ALL lives mattered.  However, we felt that people that needed to say “All lives matter” (ALM) did not comprehend/accept the fact that the BLM movement came about in response to the heightened (ongoing?) mistreatment of black people in the USA by the police and justice system.  We wondered if the ALM people felt that black folks were not important enough to warrant the focus of BLM. 
  • Les Jacobson: Tour de Evanston
    July 15  With its excellent bike lanes and trails, Evanston is an eminently bikeable city, through which I have been riding some 10 miles almost every morning in a kind of loop around town that takes in some of our most beautiful and historic sites.
  • Letter to Our RoundTable Readers, Our Transition to a Not-for-Profit

    June 4.  We’ve been around town for more than 20 years now, and we hope that our newspaper has been a good companion to you during that time. Many of you sent letters to the editor, news about your organizations, ideas for stories, and photos of yourselves, family and friends reading the RoundTable, here in Evanston and around the world. We want to let you know that the RoundTable’s operations have been assumed by Evanston RoundTable Media NFP, a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Illinois on April 15. 

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