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  • Good Morning, Evanston
    It’s April 4, the 95th day of the year. Yesterday the temperature of Lake Michigan was 43 degrees at the Chicago crib and 45 degrees at the Chicago shore. 
  • April 3. The coronavirus poses economic, health, and other challenges for us all. Suicide is certainly a pressing matter within the discussion. We are all in the suicide prevention effort together. Stay connected, support others, share helpful resources, and advocate for smart public discourse and policy.
  • April 2  It’s hard to imagine anything good coming from the Coronavirus. It’s a disaster of the first order, killing people by the thousands, shutting down the world economy, changing the way we live—maybe forever.
  • Good Morning, Evanston
    It's April 2, the 93rd day of the year. Yesterday the temperature of Lake Michigan was 43 degrees at the Chicago crib and 44 degrees at the Chicago shore. And the old Robert Crown Center is down, down, down. Steve Jordan’s drone photo came with the notation “Dethroned?”
  • Design Evanston Project Review of the 1900 Sherman Avenue Project
    Design Evanston is in favorable review of this building, due to its thoughtful design of providing affordable, missing middle and market rate housing, with a progressive design.  The project has  public amenities that include; setbacks to visually reduce the tallness of the tower, a set back at grade to create a park that the entire community can take advantage of, no new curb cuts are introduced in the design and the material palette includes glass and brick in keeping with other structures in the area.
  • March 25.  I wanted some coffee and decided to go to a nearby Starbucks to get some.

    I noticed a long line of cars in the drive-thru line and knew patrons were now not allowed inside. However, I thought I could get my coffee if I walked over to the drive-up window. 


  • March 25.  This is a dark patch for every one of us, even for those who have stumbled late into the gloom. Our world has never seen anything like this, though there have been other, even more devastating pandemics. This virus is insidious, invisible and, to date, practically unstoppable. Who of us ever imagined a world in which “Keep your distance” would mean “I love you?”
  • March 25. With a tip of the digital hat to lyricist Bob Russell, sung to the Duke Ellington tune “Never No Lament”)

    Used to roam around the town,

    To a movie, diner or the store,

    Now I hole up in my gown,

    Don’t get around much anymore.

  • March 21.  While many things are on hold because of Covid-19, the novel coronavirus, the census is not.
  • Good Morning, Evanston
    Good Morning, Evanston, It’s Saturday, March 21, the 81st day of this leap year – for the next three years it will be the 80th day of the year. Lake Michigan’s water temperature is still in the low 40s – 45 degrees at the Chicago crib and 43  degrees at the Chicago shore. We’re just over a week into the coronavirus pandemic and day one of the state lockdown, and the new normal may not have reached its nadir. 
  • Problems will never disappear. But thankfully, remedies, even if temporary, are well and easily at hand, after which we can address those problems more clearly and with fresh energy.
  • The Traffic Guy hears
    Good morning, Evanston. Welcome to the Ides of March and the early days of the coronavirus siege. The temperature of Lake Michigan yesterday was 41 at the Chicago crib and 43 at the shore. 
  • Is it later than you think, or did you remember to spring forward with your clocks last night?
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