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  • We expect the next round of snow to enter our area close to 9pm. It is still unclear just how much accumulation this may bring before it ends late morning/early afternoon tomorrow.  Models have a current range of 1 to 3 inches for Evanston.
  • After Rejection by Evanston’s Electoral Board, Quinn et al File for Judicial Review
    By 2-1 votes on each objection filed by Evanston residents, the City’s Electoral Board on Jan. 15  sustained the two objections to a referendum question posed by other Evanston residents that would have altered the way City ordinances can be enacted. On Jan. 17, former Governor Pat Quinn, who represented the Evanston Voter Initiative before the Electoral Board, filed   a petition in the Cook County Circuit Court for judicial review of the Electoral Board’s decision.
  • Council Stays Local on Search Firm for Next City Manager
    Evanston City Council members are sticking with a local firm that includes several former City insiders among its top officers to conduct the search for the City’s next City Manager, despite concerns raised by some about the process.
  • Interim Public Health Manager Greg Olsen has been appointed Public Health Manager. He  will be responsible for managing the department’s public and environmental health programs and staff, including restaurant inspections, food safety, lead poisoning prevention, vector and rodent control, beach water safety, tobacco cessation, emergency response and health and wellness initiatives.
  • Thompson Appointed Community Services Manager
    Health & Human Services Director Ike Ogbo has appointed Audrey Thompson, regional ombudsman and program manager for the City’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, Community Services Manager. She is a licensed Master Social Worker and serves as an adjunct professor in the Social Work Department of Northeastern Illinois University.
  • Evanston Reparations Subcommittee Will Have Three Aldermen as Members
    Council unanimously appointed Ald. Braithwaite to serve as the third member of the subcommittee, and decided not to add any additional members. The expectation is that the subcommittee will gather necessary input from the community and from experts to assist them to form a proposal on how to use the Reparations Fund created by City Council in November.
  • City Files Lien Against The Margarita Inn to Recover Back Payment of Taxes Close to $500k
    Evanston has filed a tax lien against The Margarita Inn at 1566 Oak Ave. after an internal City audit revealed the hotel was in arrears of nearly $500,000 in back taxes, officials confirmed this week. The City has had several situations recently where payments of taxes or fees, normally a given, have become a question.
  • Let It Snow – But Clear Those Walks
    Evanston officials are considering dumping their four-inch sidewalk- snow-removal rule and replacing it with one that makes allowances for different weather events.
  • The Traffic Guy hears
    … that, while the streets of Evanston offer only the humdrum potpourri of dead leaves, crumpled plastic bottles and other jetsam, there is real beauty at the lakefront. Ellen Galland took this photo at sunrise on Jan. 9. Just two days later, wave after wave pounded Lee Street Beach, throwing sand onto the sidewalk there. On Jan. 12, some of the sand layer was three or four inches deep.
  • The Evanston Electoral Board on Jan. 15 voted not to allow a resident-led referendum question on the March 17 primary election ballot.
  • Evanston City Council members backed away from authorizing a temporary moratorium on the deconversion of condominiums to rental apartment buildings, after aldermen sparred on the length of time of the moratorium and then failed to move forward altogether.
  • Residents Raise a Chorus of Concerns to Church’s Rent Figures
    Leaders at Mount Pisgah Ministry Church ran into strong resident reaction at a Fifth Ward meeting Jan. 8 where they presented plans to redevelop the church’s property, as well as a long vacant lot at Church Street and Darrow Avenue, long viewed as an important piece in the area’s development.
  • Wind and Water Sweep Evanston’s Lakefront in a Show of Power
    The subject heading on Charles West’s Saturday evening email was succinct: “Lee Street Beach is gone.”
  • Guest Essay #2: Affordable Housing in Every Ward
    The City Council currently has a goal to “expand affordable housing.” This is great news because every ward in Evanston has capacity for more affordable housing. Plus, it is becoming clear across the country what types of housing solutions work. In Evanston, the challenge is to determine which of the many possible solutions best suit the needs of each of our different wards.
  • Electoral Board to Hear Arguments on Evanston Voter Initiative
    Former Governor Patrick Quinn and three Evanston residents are set to face off this evening, Jan. 9, before the City’s Electoral Board over State Constitutional law and the State’s Election laws.
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