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  • Some of my friends are expecting 2020 to be a difficult year. One of them told me she believes it will be “apocalyptic.” Gosh, I hope not. We have enough problems without the apocalypse to worry about.
  • Things I’d Rather Not:

      - have a disease named after me

      - become famous or, worse, infamous

      - knowingly, or even accidentally, harm any living creature

      - be the last living person on earth

  • Winter’s hardship is bracing, austere and pure. That great philosopher Mike Royko wrote that Chicago-area winters build character. He was right: if we can endure a sub-zero morning waiting for a train that seems perennially on the horizon, we can endure anything.
  • Folks throughout the U.S.A should thank young people for spearheading marches against gun violence and beseeching the U.S. government to enact stricter laws regarding gun availability/purchases.  Sadly, Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Santorum was quoted as saying: “How about kids, instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations where there is a violent shooter and you can actually respond to that?”  Good grief. “Fools rush in where angels dare not tread.” (“Fools Rush In” lyrics by Johnny Mercer and music by Rube Bloom)
  • Mr. Brown has provided a valuable service to Evanston youth and to this community for many years. 
  • As we were preparing the article on Evanston’s part in the September global climate strike, one interviewee commented that, although the City and several private local groups are working toward lowering Evanston’s carbon footprint, the community has no ongoing protests against climate change.
  • It seems we are living in such a time now. The rise and growing reach of the internet has radically altered the way we communicate, do business and manage our lives. Huge and increasing disparities of wealth challenge our idea of what a just and equitable society should be. The increasing power of China in the east and nativist populism in the United Kingdom, Europe and America are roiling national and global politics. Toxic social media and civic strife are on the rise.
  • Me, myself and I may make humane and Constitution abiding people blue. “So what,” I say, “I could care less. They can always try to sue.”


  • Evanstonroundtable.com is alive and well at your fingertips, if no longer on your doorstep. Check in often; add your voice.  And thank you for being the most important element of our efforts.
  • In our Oct. 31 issue we said that our advertising revenues did not match our expenses. To keep the paper in print this long, senior editors have foregone any salary and employees reduced their hours and volunteered their time. It was time to call it quits.
  • The current Zoning Code expressly states that the requirements and conditions contained in the code to hold a special event are “to ensure that temporary [special] uses shall not impose an undue adverse effect on neighboring streets or property.”
  • There is an old saying: “Death tugs at my sleeve and says, ‘Live, I am coming.’” Very true. Live now, live fully. That is the point of life. And when the time comes, living fully will make the end easier.
  • We all know that some days are memorable, good or bad.  I recently had a good memorable day from beginning to end.  I decided to try to relate it from end to beginning, just to be different.
  • Taxpayers not only footed the bill for that extra month, but also have received a budget balanced with a 10% increase in the combined City and Library property tax levies. This will amount to an increase in the City’s portion of the property tax bill, which is approximately 20% of residents’ total property tax bill.
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