“Where there is love there is life.” (Mahatma Gandhi)  

One of my favorite quotes and beliefs. I like to add  “...always.” If ever there was a time for everyone to grab on to that idea it is this moment in our planet’s history.

There is death all around us, fear and uncertainty shredding our spirits. The light at the end of the tunnel is still the dimming one behind us, only darkness ahead. The darkness is deep but every step forward is about getting through and bringing us closer to a glimmer that will tell us that a safer world awaits. Together we have to do more than our best to get there.


What a power-filled word. Many a political campaign has amped its cause with the cry, “Together We Can!” But what does “together” mean?

Joined? In tune? In harmony? As one? On the same page?  All of these, and more. Together is all about connecting, caring, reaching out and grabbing on and getting through, these days especially.

There is no better metaphor than the Internet to describe the word. Never has our world been more connected. The web encircles the globe, more tightly in some places than in others, making a language out of technology that permeates and breaks down barriers of time, distance and differences. The Internet does not solve problems but enables a togetherness to do so.    

We need to realize, these days more than ever before,  that all of us form a kind of Internet. We need one another to get through what is happening. We are discovering, painfully so, that we are all connected. Our shared fears and vulnerability, our need to pool resources to fight and eradicate this virus are creating a sense of togetherness with and compassion for people we have never met, our global family.

“Where there is love there is life,” always.


     More immediately and practically we need to be aware of and do what needs to be done - at home, next door, in our neighborhoods, reaching out gloved hands, offering masked smiles even if sheltering in place or while maintaining a safe distance. 


     Our togetherness tells us that every death diminishes us, that our hearts beat as one, that we are all caretakers of our world and one another.


     Together We Are  — if and when we live these words.



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