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  • City Files Lien Against The Margarita Inn to Recover Back Payment of Taxes Close to $500k
    Evanston has filed a tax lien against The Margarita Inn at 1566 Oak Ave. after an internal City audit revealed the hotel was in arrears of nearly $500,000 in back taxes, officials confirmed this week. The City has had several situations recently where payments of taxes or fees, normally a given, have become a question.
  • School District 65 Achievement Report Celebrates Accomplishments of Students, Educators, Principals  and the Community
    School District 65’s 2019 Achievement and Accountability Report, presented to the School Board on Jan. 13, contains a new section that highlights achievements and accomplishments of students, educators, principals, and community members. The new section was included in response to a request by School Board members to report student achievement in a more “holistic” way.
  • District 65 Cuts Out Geometry At ETHS for Students who Attend a D65 School that Offers Geometry
    In a memo dated Jan. 13, District 65 administrators informed the School Board of an administrative decision to stop busing geometry students from ETHS to District 65 schools if the students attended a middle school that offered geometry. The middle schools that offer geometry are Nichols, Haven and Chute.
  • City’s Reparations Subcommittee Members Give Preliminary Views on Form of Reparations

    Ald. Simmons said, “We have yet to establish the initiatives and how to use the funds and who qualifies for the funds. We have a long road ahead of us.” The aldermen present gave some views on the purpose of the Reparation Fund in Evanston and its possible uses.

  • Electoral Board Meeting Continued to Jan. 15
    The Jan. 9 meeting of the City’s Electoral Board was continued to 6 p.m. on Jan. 15. The Board, composed of City Clerk Devon Reid, Mayor Stephen Hagerty, serving as chair, and Eighth Ward Alderman Ann Rainey, met to hear and rule on objections to a referendum question for the March 17 primary election ballot.
  • Students, Parents and Clergy Voice Support for District 65’s LGBTQ+ Equity Week

    At the Dec. 16 meeting of the District 65 School Board, members of the Board and administrators heard students, parents, experts and clergy members speak about the District’s LGBTQ+ Equity Week. Many came to voice their support, responding to concerns and complaints expressed publicly to School District 65 administrators and Board members about the five-day curriculum, 30 minutes each day, devoted to LGBTQ+ issues during the week of Oct. 7-11. 

  • Student Achievement Flat at ETHS, Little Good News
    The news was neither positive nor new; the gap in test scores between white and minority students continued, and scores overall for most subgroups in the class of 2019 were lower than those of their 2018 counterparts. (If you are reading this on a mobile app, click WEBSITE to read more.)
  • Hello, 2020: Large Crowds Greet Opening of First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Evanston
    “It’s like the repeal of the Volstead Act,” said Martin Lang, an Evanston resident. “I’m shocked that Evanston even allowed this. I mean, this is where the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union started, Frances Willard … and here we are in line waiting to buy legal reefer.”
  • The Traffic Guy Hears ...

    ’Twas just before New Year’s and throughout E-town

    No snow was in sight, a light mist coming down.

    The lights were blue-hazy, there wasn’t much cheer.

    So TG stepped out of the cold for a beer.

  • Evanston Officials Gearing up for Long Lines of Pot Sales Here Jan. 1

    City officials are gearing up for long lines when the City’s recreational marijuana dispensary opens for business Jan. 1, particularly if Chicago officials push back the date when that City begins sales. Officials were asked about the possibility of long lines at the dispensary, located in storefront space in the City’s Maple Self Park Garage at 1804 Maple Ave., during an information meeting on Dec. 17 at the Morton Civic Center.

  • Climbing Tower for City's James Park Beginning to Take Shape, Rising Higher Than Some Expected

    The need for a separate tower had not come up in hearings on the proposal last spring, where focus was more on the suitability of a gym at that site compared to other uses. Sitting in at the Dec. 18 design meeting, Alderman Ann Rainey, in whose Eighth Ward the site is located, asked Mr. Stein why he had not told officials about the tower at the outset.

  • Mayor Breaks Tie on Ordinance That Allows Liquor Sales at Welsh-Ryan
    Evanston City Council members narrowly approved Northwestern University request for a liquor license for special events at Welsh-Ryan Arena on Dec. 9, tacking on some restrictions at the request of an alderman.
  • District 65 School Board Appoints Dr. Devon Horton as New Superintendent
    At the District 65 School Board meeting on Dec. 16, the Board unanimously approved a three-year contract with Dr. Devon Horton as Superintendent of the District. The contract is effective July 1, 2020. Dr. Horton is currently Chief of Schools for the Jefferson County Public School System in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Message From Kevin Brown and His Attorney, Shawn Jones
    This is a sad day for Evanston, a day that reveals deeper, more troubling concerns for the community we deeply love. The community must now determine whether Ms. Storlie has failed the test of leadership.
  • ‘Nutcracker on Ice’ a Good-bye Party for Robert Crown
    Sapna Suresh is not the only adult in the show. Neither is Isla Jakus, 4 ½, the only preschooler. Isla is with her mother, heading for a craft table thick with glue and glitter and other Christmas ornament-making supplies. Isla has been taking skating lessons for a year and is excited to be wearing a sparkly blue dress as one of “The Nutcracker” gift children.
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